Prepárate para vivir la aventura, en plena naturaleza, con un entorno único y unas actividades que te harán disfrutar de cada minuto que estés con nosotros.

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Reboreda-Abades, 6 36589 Silleda Pontevedra

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Natura 2000 Network Protected Area

Located in the surroundings of the Ulla-Deza fluvial system, and immersed in a rural setting with great ethnographic and cultural value, among which the following jewels can be found in a nearby environment.

Fervenza river Toxa

Our location next to the highest waterfall in Galicia, the ``fervenza`` of the river Toxa, in Silleda, Pontevedra, t only 20 minutes from Santiago, 40 from Ourense and I hour from A Coruña or Vigo.


The oldest mámoa in Galicia, Chousa Nova I, more than 6,200 years old.


Monastery of Carboeiro (S.X), considered a jewel of the Galician Romanesque-ojiva, at the same time that they discover the history they will know the legends that surround to this spectacular and mystical monument.

In addition in the proximities to our installations you can see

  • Abades Village, typical Galician village with more than 25 river mills, Romanesque and neoclassical churches, hórreos, palomares, cruceiro...
  • Fluvial Beach of "A Carixa".: in Merza, with swimming pools, green areas, games...
  • Pazo de Oca:Called the Galician "Versailles" for its ponds and gardens.
  • Santa Cruz de Rivadulla Manor House: has one of the best botanical gardens in the Community.
  • Hiking Routes: Route of the Deza (6 km Monastery of Carboeiro-Fervenza do Toxa), Route of the Bajo Deza (11,4 km Abades-Cira), Route of the Romanesque (more than 15 monuments of Silleda)
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