Prepárate para vivir la aventura, en plena naturaleza, con un entorno único y unas actividades que te harán disfrutar de cada minuto que estés con nosotros.

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Reboreda-Abades, 6 36589 Silleda Pontevedra

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Compromise of Quality

The importance of quality control

We consider important to establish a Quality Control with our visitors (entities, mothers/fathers, teachers, general public), based on objective facts, since it can be useful to them at the time of choosing to carry out some of our programs.

Official recognitions of the Xunta de Galicia

  • Department of Culture and Tourism: Rural Tourist Hostel, code H-PO-1839 and Tourist Interest Company, code NR-PO-000323
  • Directorate-General for Youth:Farm School, Registration No. 36/GE/04

Entities to which we belong

  • Turgalicia:Institution of the Xunta de Galicia, in charge of the tourist promotion of Galicia.
  • Tourism Rías Baixas:Entity of the County Council of Pontevedra, in charge of the tourist promotion.

Regulations and permits

  • Our Center has all necessary permits and is high in the Registry of zoological nuclei, complying with the established calendars of vaccination and deworming, as well as passing the animal sanitation campaigns.
  • Our Center complies with the fire protection regulations, passing our teams periodic reviews.
  • We comply with the Data Protection regulations and health regulations in the following areas: swimming pools for collective use, disinfection, insect control and rat extermination plans, HACCP plans, collective canteens, legionella control.
  • We have policies of Civil Liability and Accidents for the amounts required by law, with the company AXA SEGUROS GENERALES, S.A.
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